The Region ‘paralyzes’ the Ast, unions ask for a new business development plan | BlogSicily

“The regional government unlocks hiring and career progressions, it is no longer sustainable to put the ballast on the company that guarantees the mobility of all Sicilians”. He says it Fit Cisl on Ast criticality, transport company in the region.

Fit Cisl Sicilia with the general secretary Dionisio Giordano

The unions, in particular, are calling for a provision of a special character that goes beyond the impasse of the 2010 law, to allow for a true corporate reorganization. “The regional departments of Infrastructure and Mobility and the Economy are hurrying to find the solution”. Thus Fit Cisl Sicilia with the general secretary Dionisio Giordano intervenes on the problems of Ast SpA, the regional public transport company owned by the Region, which after years of economic and financial problems, today presents the accounts in order.

The regional law of 2010 is under fire

“The commitment of the political and technical corporate governance in the last two years, together with the spirit of collaboration and sacrifice of the workers, have guaranteed business continuity, now a change of pace in regional policy is necessary, Ast SpA runs the risk of pay heavily for the impossibility of a real reorganization due to a 2010 regional law that blocks career progressions and hiring ”. “For more than 10 years, in fact, the hiring of personnel and career progressions have been blocked and, the countless retirements that have occurred in the various operational, administrative and managerial profiles, have been dealt with both through recourse to administration and with the use internal human resources, necessarily more and more involved in carrying out tasks with a higher professional content than the position they belong to “.

New business development plan requested

Giordano concludes “if this continuous and improper use of workers is producing numerous legal disputes, the recourse to administration to make up for the lack of drivers and mechanics is increasing the number of temporary workers who already represent a third of the entire workforce. The regional government runs for cover, the two regional departments that exercise operational and economic control over society, Infrastructures and Mobility and Economy, intervene urgently. It is no longer possible to postpone the presentation of the business development plan which, through a real reorganization, consolidates the results achieved and, through the stabilization of temporary workers, the correct legal and economic classification of workers and new hires, lays the foundations for the definitive relaunch of the company “.