The Region allocates funds for the Messina Polyclinic

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The work of the general emergency room of the Polyclinic stopped for weeks will start again shortly.
The reassurance comes directly from the regional health councilor Ruggero Razza, that yesterday we heard on the phone: “On Monday I hope to meet the company, meanwhile as a regional council we have already hesitated a resolution, last June 30, with which we anticipate 5% of the global amount of the work, and in the future we could also take charge as a Region of the full amount of the contracts.
The resolution that ensures 5% of the sums will serve to give the first financial reassurances to companies, in order to resume work as soon as possible ».
So it is a clear and clear steering that announced by the councilor Race, who then adds: “In any case, given that to complete the new general emergency room of the Policlinico, which once the work is finished will be the largest and most modern in Sicily, it will take at least 6/7 months, now the priority is another: make the premises of the current emergency room adequate, enlarge the waiting area, make the stay of patients more tolerable, and I understand that the Polyclinic is already moving in this direction.
In any case, we as a Region will also commit ourselves to making the current premises better organized and more “hospitable” for waiting patients, I can assure you of that ».
So reassurance across the board.
Then there is the owner of the “walls”, the rector Salvatore Cuzzocrea, that we teased yesterday morning at the university to hear his opinion on the affair, which we had described in recent days as a real scandal on the skin of Messina.

Rector, why are we so reduced to the emergency room of the Polyclinic? «Because in the last twenty years ordinary and extraordinary maintenance has never been done adequately and correctly.
Since I am rector, I have written a series of notes to the Region highlighting the need of the owner of the buildings that for example the elevations were redone, that the terraces were waterproofed, so much so that the construction sites that are currently in place at the Policlinico are all construction sites of the University.
However, the memorandum of understanding clearly states that ordinary and extraordinary maintenance is carried out by the Polyclinic, which is a health company independent of the University.
If the Region has not given, in the last twenty years, the financial resources needed by a Polyclinic, or if the various managers of the Polyclinic do not make the three-year plan of public works, what can I do? Nothing”.

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