The quarrel between neighbors for loud music and shots, after the two sisters also arrested his brother


Incited by her sister, she would have exploded several blasts of a compressed-air gun towards a pair of neighbors. The carabinieri have rebuilt the dispute took place on Sunday afternoon in San Giuseppe Jato. "A tragedy touched", say the provincial command of the weapon. In the end there are three arrests: in addition to the two sisters (RMLC and MPLC the initials) who had been arrested immediately afterwards on charges of attempted murder, the brother (SLC) was arrested in arrest for the crime of violence and resistance to a public official.

A quarrel between neighbors occurred for trivial reasons (loud music) – sharpened by old acredini – and which then degenerated. According to the reconstruction of the carabinieri, made possible also thanks to the testimonies of those present, one of the two sisters would have exploded from his home several gunshots at the address of two spouses, striking the man on the arm and the woman in the face.

"The timely intervention of the carabinieri – explain the command – led to the arrest of the sisters for attempted murder, while a search carried out in their home led to the discovery, in addition to the compressed air pistol, also of an air rifle , of a crossbow with darts with high offensive potential and of a high voltage electronic bollard ”.

The victims – transported to the Civic Hospital of Palermo, after the appropriate treatment were judged not to be life threatening, even if the woman will have to undergo surgery to remove some splinters from her face.

"The brother of the two women – they say from the command of the Weapon – has been arrested because he refused to provide the intervened soldiers with the films he had made with his smartphone, with which the various phases of the heated dispute were immortalized, opposing it with violence against the carabinieri ”.

At the end of the customary formalities and at the judge's disposal, the two women were taken to Pagliarelli pending a hearing to validate the GIP of the Court of Palermo, while the man – after the celebration of the direct ritual – was subjected to the obligation of presentation to the judicial police.

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