The prosecutor of Termini Cartosio: "Livatino killed because left alone"


"Rosario Livatino (in the photo) also died because in Agrigento colleagues and members of the police force did not always do their duty and left him alone". He told Ficarazzi (Pa) during the ceremony for the dedication to Rosario Livatino of the institute comprehensive citizen, the attorney of the Republic of Termini Imerese Ambrogio Cartosio. The magistrate stated that "he had not met the young colleague victim of the mafia but he had the opportunity to meet the authors at various levels of the Livatino assassination, who today must be honored for his competence and incorruptibility". Statements that reinforce the image of Livatino who added Cartosio "did not allow himself to be conditioned by the fact that the head of the Cosa Nostra, Giuseppe Di Caro, lived on the upper floor of the building where Rosario Livatino lived with his elderly parents". The process of Canonization is underway for Livatino …

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