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The project of the “wall of legality” presented in Palermo: “we must educate young people to beauty”

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In the small villa in Piazza delle Stigmate, in Palermo, the miniature project of the “wall of legality” was presented.
The cultural associations “CalaPanama” and “Alab” take care of it, with their respective presidents: Antonio Gambino and Pietro Muratore and with the collaboration of Antonio Nicolao, vice president of the first district.
The presentation was attended by the deputy prosecutor Ennio Petrigni, the Deputy Mayor Fabio Giambrone, the weapon of the carabinieri and the command of the fire brigade.

The mural will be created in the wall of piazza degli Aragonesi, in front of the “Giacinto Carini” barracks, starting in the next few days and then ending, hopefully, on May 23, the day of the Capaci massacre. in which the magistrate Giovanni Falcone, his wife and the men of the escort were killed, brutally killed by the mafia.

The mural project authorized by the Superintendency of Cultural Heritage will be 65 meters wide.
and 2.35 meters high.
and will depict, in pictorial form with an abstract base, the faces of the characters who sacrificed their lives to defend ideals such as legality and justice.

The faces of: Carlo Alberto dalla Chiesa, Emanuela Setti Carraro, Giuseppe Russo, Mario D’Aleo, Boris Giuliano, Giuseppe Bommarito, Giovanni Falcone, Francesca Morvillo, Paolo Borsellino, Pietro Morici, Rocco Chinnici, Vito Schifani, Rocco Di Cillo will be painted , Antonio Montinaro, Giuseppe Russo, Filippo Costa, Emanuela Loi, Claudio Traina, Walter Eddie Cosima, Agostino Catalano and Vincenzo Li Muli.

The mural will also include the faces of two writers of a certain cultural depth: Leonardo Sciascia And Andrea Camilleri.
The “Giuseppe Di Maria SpA” company will make the colors available, while the “Edil di Falcone Gioacchino” company has made itself available to prepare the wall according to the indications of the artists who, in the meantime, are looking for other suppliers of materials such as: brushes, tarpaulins, easels, ladders… and everything you need to start the work.

Art will save us …
“We are inside the Capo, a difficult neighborhood, like so many in Palermo, where art can put itself at the service of legality because it is capable of leaving a mark on everyone’s mind and heart, especially the youngest.
visual image always has a great impact on children and can become a strong and incisive message.
I, who play the role of teacher, know very well that young people do not have a clear idea of ​​what it means to be brutally killed by the mafia.
of the various commemorations, by talking about them at school, the children can acquire an abstract vision through the list of the names of those who have fallen by the mafia while the visual image of the faces has, instead, a greater impact and can lead them to reflect in a more concrete.
Art, moreover, with the strength and impact of the image can become a vehicle of beauty and legality, especially in the suburbs where the new generations have remained confined and closed by the king.
I’m of the city and the world.
We must be bearers of beauty and educate young people to beauty, against the degradation of injustice and illegality.
The project of the “mural of legality” has precisely this purpose and for this reason art has the power to save us “
– explains Cristina Patti present at the inauguration of the project, teacher and nephew of the police officer Agostino Catalano, one of the victims of the mafia depicted in the mural.

My uncle Agostino Catalano became a symbol of legality not only for the service he performed but because he strongly felt the sense of justice as a moral duty, as a value linked first of all to his person.“.

CalaPanama is a traveling association
“Our association that created the wall of legalityˈ project moves on an itinerant basis and has also given life to other charity projects” – explains the president of CalaPanama, Nino Gambino, an artist from all over Italy, one of the fifteen Italian inlay masters.
CalaPanama was born recently and takes its name from “Cala”, the place where we artists gather every Saturday morning to paint, while “Panama” is the name of the typical hat.
We are a group of painter friends who are also associated with poets and musicians.
Our aim is to expand, make art and beauty known and why not… give even a single minute, a slightly more carefree moment, a smile to the citizens “.

Why build a wall of legality?
“In this specific case, we wanted to create a project with the aim of giving space to those who died at the hands of the mafia in the name of legality, by including the figures of two well-known writers at the ends of the mural: Sciascia and Camilleri.
They too, through writing, they made a notable contribution to the fight against the mafia by fighting it and ridiculing it.
In the mural, in addition to the characters, almost all in civilian clothes, fluttering sheets were also painted that come out of the typewriter, forming sinuous waves containing phrases and quotes concerning the mafia.
The Superintendence and the Municipality have already approved the project that the undersigned together with the artistic director Totò Calò and the advertising graphic designer Nino Sancarlo have created, taking into account the changes made by the Superintendency itself “
– continues to explain Gambino.

It is not the first time that we deal with the mafia, – the president is keen to clarify – in the past we have created other murals and even used ties on which we painted the faces of the victims, creating a traveling exhibition.
I hope that, one day, we will also be able to create murals with lighter and less sad themes.In the meantime it is our duty to bring to light topics such as that of the mafia massacres, to help citizens understand and reflect

Dorotea Rizzo