The Procura of Agrigento seizes the Open Arms and orders the immediate evacuation


The Agrigento prosecutor's office ordered the seizure of the Open Arms ship stopped in front of Lampedusa and the immediate evacuation of the refugees on board.
The decision was taken at the end of a summit held at the Port of Lampedusa between the attorney of Agrigento Luigi Patronaggio, who in the afternoon had made an inspection on the ship with a staff of doctors, and the heads of the Capitaneria.
The seizure of the Open Arms ship ordered by the Agrigento Procuratorate is a preventive seizure. According to what is learned, in addition to the investigation for kidnapping initiated in recent days on the basis of complaints from the Spanish NGO, the magistrates have opened a file against unknown persons for omission and refusal of official deeds.
The crime, provided for in Article 328 of the Criminal Code, punishes "the public official or the person in charge of a public service, who unduly refuses a …

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