The primaries for the new mafia boss, Palermo plastered with satirical posters

The boss of the bosses Matteo Messina Denaro was captured after 30 years on the run, some spent under the alias of his alleged abettor Andrea Bonafede, and therefore the new head of the mafia must be appointed, who respects written rules and where affiliates follow rules democratic and are “the same thing”, according to the ancient code refocused yesterday by an investigation by the Dda.
And then, with the satire that distinguishes each of its provocations, the offline corporation Collective announces the “Primary elections of the well-known criminal organization” with posters attached in various places in the center of Palermo, at bus stops, in front of the Massimo theater and also on a wall next to the Palace of Justice. One way to ironically address the news of these days full of news on the underworld and mafia.
«This time you choose the new head of the mafia – and written on the papers – After the resignation of the secretary Andrea Bonafede, the primaries for the election of the new head of the well-known criminal organization are officially called. The gazebos for the votes will be set up in the main drug dealing squares of the city».
What is needed to vote? «The affiliates will have to show the certification of the “punciuta” with the residual attachment of the burnt holy card – writes the Collective – Those with a clean record will instead have to show the registration card for at least three years to one of the main parties». And he concludes: “Democracy, participation, collusion”.
It is not known who is behind the Collective, which also has a nucleus in Rome. The news of their actions arrive by mail or with the tam tam of social networks.