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PALERMO – the prices of soft drinks, in Porta Nuova, were decided by the mafia.
And it was falling prices that hurt the market.
There is a chapter of the investigation by the Palermo prosecutor’s office on the “monopoly” in the sector.

The boss Tommaso Lo Presti, called the long one, and Domenico Lo Iacono, called panella (who has always managed friggitorie where street food is sold), would go into business, ending up damaging also the sons of Salvatore Pispicia, a man of honor of the warrant and prisoner.
Lo Presti and Lo Iacono ended up in prison in recent weeks.

Pispicia is also a cousin of the brothers Gregorio and Giuseppe Di Giovanni (Read: when Pispicia told of having beaten a man who had not given him priority in the car).
The first has been in prison since 2018 and was the head of the Porta Nuova district.
The second in prison ended up there a few weeks ago on charges of being the last regent.

One of Pispicia’s sons, Tommaso (his brother Gioacchino was also arrested in the recent blitz), runs a drinks warehouse.
“Is this the respect they have towards my father?”, He said to Lo Iacono.
In order not to lose customers, he had been forced to lower prices to keep up with the competition.

“Because how I have the prices… I have them normal”, retorted Lo Iacono.
And Pispicia made the list: “The Santero at 4 euros, the Vecks as a gift ..
oh well sure it’s normal is normal”.
The merchant believed that customers were directed to the business behind which Tommaso Lo Presti’s interests lie.

People bought from Lo Iacono in order to save 50 cents: “15 euros and 50 cents per box, instead of 16”.
If it had depended on a person tracked down in the Pispicia soft drink warehouse, he would have challenged Lo Presti by selling it “even for 14.50 and earning 1 euro 20” per pack.

The discussion became a family matter since the Pispicia family, due to some marriages, has also become related to the Lo Presti.
And now the detectives dig into the soda business.
Or rather in the “monopoly” as it is defined.

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2022-08-09 05:35:00

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