The president of the Antimafia Morra in Caltanissetta In Sicily they like cavalierati, who then serve to pretend to be what one is not

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Rita Cinardi
June 27, 2022 11:48 pm

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“It seems to me that recently the lawyer Angelino Alfano, former minister, first of Justice, then of the Interior and finally of Foreign Affairs, was awarded the knighthood of the Grand Cross of knight of the Republic.
Sergio Mattarella conferred him the knighthood, evidently the merits they all have them.
” This was stated by Nicola Morra, president of the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission today in Caltanissetta for a meeting on “The investigations of the National Anti-Mafia Commission.” Exactly like that municipal councilor of Capaci – continued Morra – who, close to the thirty anniversary of the Massacres, claimed that in Capaci there was no Cosa Nostra.
Too bad that a few months earlier there had been an operation by the Palermo Anti-Mafia District Directorate which had also in that case identified huge infiltrations in the economic and productive fabric of the town in the province of Palermo and a pity that the Municipality of Capaci had been dissolved immediately after the massacre.
It is a pity that two of those responsible for the massacre were from Capaci.
Here is that municipal councilor of Capaci, who ended up in the headlines because he claimed that there is no Cosa Nostra in Capaci and challenged anyone to find it, he too was awarded the knighthood at his time.
Obviously, here in Sicily you really care about being awarded titles which then serve, perhaps, to pretend to be what you don’t “.

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