The presentation tour of the book Matteo goes to war continues today in Sant’Agata Militello, tomorrow in Palermo

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Contina the presentation tour of the new book by writer and journalist Giacomo Di Girolamo: “Matteo goes to war.
The mafia and the massacres of ’92 how it all begins” (Zolfo Editore).
Today Wednesday 29 June, at 6:30 pm , Officina Democratica di Sant’Agata di Militello, with the collaboration of the Moscow Library – Mondadori Point, will host the journalist and essayist Giacomo di Girolamo, for the presentation of his latest book.

Thirty years after the Capaci and Via D’Amelio massacres, halfway between the novel and the essay, Di Girolamo, one of the most interesting voices in investigative journalism in Italy, offers an unprecedented but rigorous reading of the events that preceded and that followed the massacre strategy of the early 90s.
He does it with the tools of historical knowledge and logic, to reveal the reasons and objectives.

The presentation, the only one currently scheduled in Messina and its province, will take place in the premises of the Moscow Library – Mondadori Point in Via Medici 289 in Sant’Agata di Militello (Palazzo Zito).
Admission is free and free.


Tomorrow, Thursday 30 June, at 6.00 pm, the presentation will be held at the laFeltrinelli bookshop in Palermo (via Cavour, 133).
Giuseppe Prode, director of the 38th Parallel literary festival – between books and cellars, will talk with the author.

Thirty years after the massacres of ’92, this book represents a precious piece that offers an unprecedented point of view to understand those months that marked, forever, the history of our country.
Matteo goes to war does not want to be the biography of the bosses Totò Riina and Matteo Messina Denaro nor, much less, an account of history in which misdirections and “negotiations” are intertwined.

Rather, it identifies a precise historical moment, the early nineties, and a precise place, western Sicily, and digs there deeply to understand and tell – for the first time – the blind spot in which one of the blackest pages of our history is born.

On this nucleus unfolds the story of how the criminal strategies in the mafia stronghold of the territory included in the province of Trapani were decided by Cosa Nostra and how the young Matteo Messina Denaro – still one of the most sought after fugitives – was functional to this design.
not only did he participate in the war against the state, but I took advantage of the chaos of those years to implement a generational change within the mafia organization, effectively leaving him in charge.

An unprecedented point of view on the massacres of ’92, a stylistic and methodological choice, that of Di Girolamo, defined by critics as “unsettling”, as it tells a murky story, still not fully clarified, on the “side of evil”.

«After having written a lot, a lot, about the mafia – declares Giacomo Di Girolamo – it seemed clear to me that there were some missing tiles in the reconstruction of the mosaic of those years.
Much has been said about the massacres, sometimes too much, and paradoxically the more we go on, the more it seems that something escapes.
I decided to go back to the origin of everything, to the territory: because the territory always tells.
And this a reporter knows.
So I realized that the influence of the Cosa Nostra wing from Trapani in carrying out the massacres has remained in the shadows to this day.
This story was still missing.
This book actually completes my research work, back and forth in time, which led me to write essays like The Invisible, the first biography of Matteo Messina Denaro, and Cosa Grigia, on the new criminal forms that cross the country ” .

Giacomo Di Girolamo, journalist and writer, is director of the portal and of radio Rmc 101 and collaborates with the newspaper Domani.

For his investigations on organized crime and corruption he won the “Premiolino” in 2014, one of the oldest and most important Italian journalistic awards.

He is the author of various books including: Elbow of Sicily (Laterza, 2019) and The Invisible.
Matteo Messina Denaro (the Saggiatore, 2010, 2017), Against the anti-mafia (the Saggiatore, 2016), They sleep on the hill (the Saggiatore, 2014), Cosa Grigia (the Saggiatore, 2012, finalist at the “Piersanti Mattarella Award”).
With Matteo Caccia he created the podcast for Audible Matteo goes to war, finalist at the Italian Podcast Awards and winner of the Best Sound Design category.

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