the presentation of the book by Gaetano Basile at the central library

Telling an unusual Sicily is the intention of Gaetano Basile who returns with “Sicily, the island that exists” in his new graphic format, twenty years after the first publication.

The book, focused on a lesser known Sicily, could be a kind of reminder for those who were born there but can’t wait to leave, for those who love or hate it. But perhaps other good reasons can be found there. For example, getting to know it better or talking badly about it with a few more topics. Yet it only tells a slice of Sicily that exists.

Unusual Sicily is transcribed in these pages that resemble a cluster of zibibbo: they have the sweet and persistent taste of Sicily that was and of that which still resists tenaciously to globalization. They are tales that move, like those sweet grapes. And if, after some time, you would feel like rereading them, you would find a taste like raisins, that certain ripe flavor, even sweeter, because you will be able to appreciate the nuances perhaps escaped from the often hasty first reading.

Like the zibibbo that matures on the island of Pantelleria, these tales could only be born from the spirit of a true Sicilian, an attentive and curious traveler who disregards stereotypes and clich├ęs. A traveler capable of transferring his emotions from the last paradises such as Linosa and Marettimo, to the myths embodied in today’s religiosity. Not neglecting the pleasures of a cuisine full of a thousand charms. The colloquial prose, indulgent and ferocious at the same time, however captivating, allows an extraordinary journey in this Sicily. A stone’s throw from home.

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