The prefect of Messina Cosima Di Stani meets the Noi Magazine community

Young people are asking for a strengthening of the culture of legality that passes not only through increased vigilance and the certainty of punishment, but above all through investment in education: this is what emerges from the “Report 2019 – The condition of youth in Italy”, created by the Youth Observatory of the Giuseppe Toniolo Institute. The data analyzed show how in the younger generations “there is a strong desire to improve not only their own objective and individual conditions, but to feel an active part of a community that strengthens a sense of belonging, social and relational well-being”.

C.ulture of rights, inclusion, social responsibility: legality is certainly one of the most important educational frontiers, “formalized” with the introduction of civic education in the school system; in particular, article 3 of law 92/2019 provides, among the reference issues for the development of skills and specific learning objectives, education on legality and the fight against mafias and knowledge of the Constitution. Hence the choice of the School to undertake courses of education to legality, which they pass through

The deepening of current events and the meeting with the main institutional subjects who have the duty to constantly feed the dialogue with civil society.

“I will spend every energy with commitment, loyalty, transparency, availability, with the aim of supporting the virtuous network of relations between institutions and civil society and of legality as a tool for growth and development”: declared the new prefect of Messina Cosima Di Stani in the speech he gave on the occasion of his inauguration on March 15 last. She will be the guest of honor at the web event promoted by the Southern Publishing Company with the “Archimede” scientific high school as part of the “Gazzetta del Sud in classe con Noi Magazine” project, which will be held next Thursday 29 April starting at 11. A particularly important moment for Sicilian and Calabrian students who will have the opportunity to talk about institutional responsibility and legality with the territorial representative of the Government.

After the greetings by the president of the Ses Lino Morgante, the head teacher of the Messina high school Laura Cappuccio, the director of the comprehensive institute Giovanni Falcone di Rende-Quattromiglia (CS) Patrizia Passarelli and the director of the Pertini-Santoni Higher Institute of Crotone Ida Sisca, the students’ debate with Dr. Di Stani will open. The webinar, broadcast live on the Gazzetta del Sud YouTube channel and moderated by the journalist Natalia La Rosa responsible for the “Noi Magazine” insert, will also be attended by representatives of the Regional Coordination of Student Councils of Calabria. Born in 1960, originally from Taranto, Di Stani embarked on her prefectural career in 1989, working at the offices of Matera, Verona, Taranto – where she was head of the Cabinet for six years, dealing, among other things, with the complex problems related to the well-known the Ilva affair – and Reggio Calabria, where she was prefectural commissioner at the municipality of San Ferdinando and coordinator of the Access Commission at the Municipality of Bagnara Calabra.

In 2006 she was promoted to vice-prefect, a position she held among other offices in the Calabrian capital since 5 May 2014, coordinating the arrivals of migrant ships. On 28 July 2017 she was appointed prefect and from 21 August of the same year she held the position in the province of Crotone; from 17 December 2018 to March of this year, she was the head of the Government Office in Caltanissetta, before reaching the Messin office

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