The Prefect of Agrigento has been denounced

TURIN – A complaint concerning the conduct of the prefect of Agrigento for the Open Arms case was presented this morning to the Sicilian city prosecutor's office by the Association of Democratic Jurists. The document denounces the failure to comply with the order of the TAR of Lazio on the management of the landing of migrants and asks to evaluate possible hypotheses of "committing or omission violations" of criminal relevance.

The prefect of Agrigento, Dario Caputo, does not make statements about the complaint that was presented, to the Procura of Agrigento, by the association of democratic jurists against him. Carefully arrange for the landing of migrants from the Open Arms, even after the TAR of Lazio, it should have been the Interior Ministry. The Harbor Master's Office, meanwhile, as far as his competence allows, continues to guarantee the safety and health of the refugees, as soon as needs are reported, to …

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