The Ponte Subito committee against the geologist Tozzi and Boccia of the Democratic Party: “Only speculation”

«We witness the umpteenth speculation of the usual suspects who have the courage to ride such a dramatic tragedy as the flood of Ischia in the clumsy attempt to feed consensus against the construction of the bridge over the Strait: in a few hours the senator and leader of the Democratic Party Francesco Boccia and the geologist Mario Tozzi have exploited the drama of Ischia by bringing up the great work of the Strait. Boccia, in fact, said that the right is talking about the bridge while Italy is falling apart, while Tozzi argued that in the event of earthquakes, the bridge would remain standing but would unite two cemeteries. Very serious words that leave the whole community of the Strait area dismayed ». This was stated in a note by the Ponte Subito Committee.

“In the first case – continues the statement – Boccia should ask himself why Italy is falling apart if his party has governed it for 11 years and in 2011 he decided to block work on the bridge over the Strait to allocate those funds to ‘other priorities’ , including the fight against hydrogeological instability. After so long, they haven’t made the Bridge and evidently none of the rest either. With what courage are they now accusing the political will to build the bridge of responsibility for the Ischia disaster? The bridge is not an alternative to securing the country, on the contrary. The nopontism of the left, on the other hand, has demonstrated in the events of the last decade that not building the bridge does not mean doing other things. In Tozzi, on the other hand, we remind you that Messina and Reggio Calabria are part of the area with the highest seismic risk in Italy, so the buildings are built according to anti-seismic standards also thanks to the still alive wound of the 1908 earthquake that marked the history of these territories. In recent decades there have already been strong earthquakes that have tested the buildings in the area: the one of magnitude 6.1 in 1978 and the one of magnitude 5.7 in 1990 did not cause collapses despite the high magnitude and the deaths were few, almost all caused by fearful illnesses. The Strait Bridge would resist any type of earthquake, as the highest representatives of Ingv and Civil Protection recently confirmed, just think that in 1995, when the Kobe earthquake occurred (magnitude 7.3), in Japan, the Akashi bridge -Kaikyo was under construction and suffered no damage. Had it already been built, it would have allowed emergency vehicles to move more rapidly towards the affected areas and therefore would have resulted in fewer deaths. Even in the Strait of Messina, the bridge would be a strategic infrastructure to deal with emergencies, representing a stable, safe and fast connection with Sicily which would otherwise be reachable only by sea. The bridge, therefore, would not unite two cemeteries but on the contrary would prevent any calamities from transforming Calabrian and Sicilian towns and cities into cemeteries due to the absence of rescuers and lack of connections”.

«The good news of the day – continues the committee – instead comes from the president of FareAmbiente Vincenzo Pepe, who just today announced a great environmental battle for the construction of the bridge over the Strait which, in addition to the innumerable logistical, strategic, social and economic, it is actually also the most eco-sustainable major work in history because it would reduce the pollution caused by ferry crossings in the Strait and the carbon dioxide emissions caused by the lack of adequate land transport between Sicily and the rest of the continent. A situation that forces the Sicilians to use the most polluting plane to travel to nearby places that are otherwise more easily accessible by car and train. There cannot be an ecologist or environmentalist who is against the bridge over the Strait, a work that would only bring enormous environmental benefits, and we are pleased to have a large association like FareAmbiente by our side in the great challenge pro bridge over the Strait”.

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