“The political framework is simplified but autonomous space is needed on the left”

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July 08, 2021 7:09 pm

“Orlando’s choice to join the Democratic Party simplifies the political framework of the city. I read as a positive thing that some colleagues of the council follow the mayor and choose to have a political dimension. Obviously I will not follow them. I believe, on the contrary, necessary for the city ​​and for the country to work to rebuild an autonomous political space, to the left of the Democratic Party “. To say it is Giusto Catania, Councilor for Mobility of the Municipality, who comments on the accession of the mayor and various exponents of the Municipal Council to the Democratic Party. In addition to Orlando, among the dem are the deputy mayor Fabio Giambrone and the councilors Toni Sala, Sergio Marino, Giovanna Marano, Mario Zito, Maria Prestigiacomo, Cinzia Mantegna and Paolo Petralia, who was already registered.

“Sinistra Comune has made a unique operation in Italy, aggregating parties and social subjects, now we want to strengthen and broaden this path also in view of the next elections”, explains Catania. “We are working to build a unitary list of all the left that does not recognize itself in the Democratic Party – he announces – and, now even more so, we believe it is essential not to disperse that part of militancy that has been recognized in the ‘Orlandian civism’ which, for values ​​and vision, is closer to us on the left than to the Democratic Party “. According to the councilor for Mobility, however, “before thinking about 2022 it is necessary to conclude this administrative experience by solving the evident criticalities that exist in the city. We hope that Orlando’s adhesion to a national party will allow the municipal administration to find institutional support to find solutions to problems involving many Italian municipalities “.

Leoluca Orlando joins the Democratic Party: “The goal is to defeat the Sicilian right”

“We will see, in the future, if the conditions for an alliance continue to exist but no one thinks of bringing alliances and candidates down from above – says Catania -. If, as the regional secretary of the Democratic Party proposes, the next candidate for Palermo will be chosen with popular participation and with the primaries we can announce, right away, that the Palermo left will have its own candidate or candidate, but first we must be clear in defining a program in continuity with this experience of government and an unambiguous coalition nor transversalisms “. For Catania, Orlando’s accession to the Democratic Party “allows us to obtain a first result: even the Palermo democrats will finally agree on the fact that it is necessary to guarantee programmatic continuity and vision in view of the next municipal elections”.


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