The policeman who had been accused of being a “mole” from the Messina Denaro family was acquitted

It is “more than likely” that the defendant entered the “Sdiweb computer system to carry out a work procedure for which he was authorized, and not for personal reasons or matters unrelated to his duties”. The Court of Appeal of Milan writes it in the reasons for the decision with which it acquitted, on 1 December last, of all the accusations, in particular the abusive access to a computer system, with the formula “because the fact does not exist”, Tommaso Saladino, inspector of the state forces of order who was in service at the Comasina police station, in the Lombard capital.
The policeman had been sentenced to three years and 9 months in the 1st degree and was accused of having been the alleged “mole” of drug traffickers arrested in 2019 in a Sicilian investigation and who acted, according to the reconstructions, under the aegis of Cosa Nostra and in the shadow of what at the time was still the super fugitive Matteo Messina Denaro, now in prison.