The policeman and the "black" searched The interceptions of shame

CATANIA – Not only thefts, even stolen goods, there is a specific charge against the police superintendent Maurizio D’Itria and his accomplices, all arrested in recent days, on the sale of a stolen motorcycle. A storiaccia laid bare by the bugs placed by the same colleagues of D’Itria, made of “multiple abusive behaviors and harmful to dignity”. The magistrates talk about the "prevaricator" attitude of the policeman, his "multiple threats" and the search of a migrant, stripped to check if he was trying to hide money destined for the gang of thieves. Stories from Gomorrah, where to understand the difference between film and reality, for a moment you need to put aside the image of the man in uniform who represents the institutions in one of the most infamous neighborhoods of Catania. Here there is a person in uniform, but …

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