“The Places of the Heart Fai”. In 15th place the Crypt of the Cathedral of Messina, with over 18,000 votes

FAI he communicated the final ranking of FAI’s Places of the Heart. The Crypt of the Cathedral of Messina, with over 18,000 votes, it reached the 15th place among thousands of sites throughout Italy.

“It is a result for which we can truly be satisfied. Now it is a question of capitalizing it in the best way – he said Pippo Trimarchi, coordinator of the Committee for the Crypt – Strengthened by the result obtained, we must, as a Messina community as a whole, exert the right pressure towards the institutions so that they find the necessary resources for the restoration, reopening and enhancement of the Crypt ”.

The Committee now has as its first objective the sensitization of the Regional Councilor for Cultural Heritage, Alberto Samonà, to whom Trimarchi, as referent of the Committee for the Crypt of the Cathedral of Messina as a Place of the Heart FAI 2020, has asked to carry out an inspection to the precious monumental asset, to personally appreciate its undeniable beauty. The commitment that the Committee sets itself is as exciting as it is burdensome and everyone’s contribution is needed to achieve the desired result.

From this point of view, the engaging participation, which was unleashed in the city to advance the Crypt among the Places of the FAI heart, was an excellent starting point.

Yet Trimarchi, wanted to publicly thank citizens, companies, associations, Facebook groups such as, in particular the “You’re from Messina… If… by Maurizio Presente “, the press and the many cultural and institutional personalities, with the mayor of Messina Cateno De Luca in the lead, who have given an important hand for the Crypt. Just as decisive was the role of the Curia, with the Archbishop, Msgr. Giovanni Accolla, the auxiliary bishop, Msgr. Cesare Di Pietro, and the chaplain of the Cathedral, Msgr. Giuseppe La Speme. Finally, we would like to acknowledge the Superintendent of Cultural Heritage of Messina, arch. Mirella Vinci, of the attention and sensitivity with which he is following the story of the Crypt.

There were 2,353,932 Italians also abroad, who wanted to show their love for the Italian cultural and environmental heritage: the best result ever for the FAI 2020 census. A surprising participation, which in the year of the Covid-19 drama is charged with meaning and tells of an Italy cohesive, vital and proud of its beauties, which looks to the future with hope, despite everything.

What are the Places of the Heart? It is as if infinite little flames were lit in the cities, in the villages clinging to the hills, along the jagged coasts, across the plains, among the trees of the woods and along the rivers … these are those places that men have loved, lived, glimpsed , dreamed and remembered with nostalgia ” Giulia Maria Crespi, unforgotten and far-sighted former president of the FAI, who died in Milan on 19 July 2020.

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