“The phenomenon in eastern Sicily has not ended, it will regain strength”

The weather phenomenon in eastern Sicily “has not ended, it has had a moment of respite that is taking place in these hours, but we expect it to resume between tonight and tomorrow” and “the forecasts require us to be very cautious because, as we the models say, we will have to deal with extremely high wind speeds, the possibility of storm surges and heavy rainfall “that” hit an already fragile territory “and” the effects could become important “.

This was stated by Fabrizio Curcio, head of the Civil Protection Department, speaking to Zapping on Radio 1. “Medicane? We tend to characterize extreme events a little – said Curcio on the name given to the expected phenomenon – but in reality a meteorologist would beat us. Al Net of the Mediterranean hurricane denomination it is an extreme event. Then, perhaps, as we hope, it will not hit Catania. These events affect areas that were not usual in our European continent, today they happen more. We are taking all the necessary actions to minimize the damage. Seeing Via Etnea in Catania in that way affects all Italians, as it should be. The system – he underlines – was already set in motion last Sunday. the behavior of the individual citizen makes the difference “.

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