The perpetrator of the murder of a homeless man in Marina di Carrara is a Palermitan

In a state of arrest by the carabinieri one 67 year old

Francesco Di Blasi of 67 years old is a man originally from Palermo, the alleged perpetrator of the murder of a homeless man in Marina di Carrara, consumed yesterday at the height of a dispute according to first rumors leaking from investigative circles. Di Blasi, also homeless, had settled in an abandoned building in Marina di Carrara, near the so-called former colony of Vercelli.

The firm

The 67 year old was stopped by the Carabinieri of Carrara. Theater of the dispute right in the building of the former colony of Vercelli, a building owned by the Municipality that it seems the two men occupied illegally. The causes of the discussion, according to what investigators have learned, are still to be ascertained. According to an initial reconstruction, the two would have started to fight furiously and punch each other, until at least one knife came out and mortally wounded one of them. In addition to the carabinieri there was also an ambulance of the 118 but for the homeless Paolo Fiorentino there was now nothing more to do.

The victim

The victim was originally from Chieti, according to what is learned from the investigators. To find the body was a woman who brought him food every morning. The man, 45 years, was known to the police. Di Blasi himself went to the barracks and said he was involved in a dispute and suffered a wound in his hand. The reasons that led to the struggle are being examined.

The case that shook Palermo

Many episodes of quarrels ended in blood involving the homeless. In Palermo there is certainly an episode above all that shook the community, when in December of 2018 Aid Abdellah was found lifeless, known by all as Aldo, homeless man massacred under the arcades of piazzale Hungary. The following year a plaque was installed to commemorate his figure precisely where the murder took place, on the initiative of the Municipality.

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