The PD urges the capital to play a leading role in the development of inland and mountain areas

The minority political forces express their strong concern over the continuing absence of the Municipal Administration in the planning of a real proposal towards the upcoming community interventions, which it is useless to mention, perhaps represent the last real opportunity for redemption.

Nothing is known about the intentions of those who administer us and despite repeated invitations, there is no news on which to open a seriouscan't stand in comparison of perspective.

The initiatives of the City Council are not enough, it is necessary for the City Government to say what it intends to do, which projects it wants to focus on, if it already has an intervention strategy that includes specific initiatives within the established funding lines, if it has human resources to implement them, if it intends to fit into a supra-municipal logic as it would be useful. Legal and worrying doubts that today do not find an answer.

We expected that the Mayor would immediately seize the opportunity to gather around him the political, economic and social forces of the City, to work out with them a serious development project to be included within a network, which would include the others. Municipalities of Ennese and also those outside our Province with common interests, so as to place the capital as a guide for this strategy. A strategy aimed at the defense of inland and mountain areas, which seriously risk being swallowed up by metropolitan areas on this occasion as well.

However, time passes quickly and inexorably and delays can become unbridgeable: breaking the wall of silence on a vital issue like this was an obligation we could not escape from.

Our council groups have already intended to suggest to the other political forces a method to reach the goal, but as the City Council repeats it is not enough, the Mayor and the Administration need to say something.

For these reasons, our attention will be maximum and we are therefore announcing a series of initiatives aimed at stimulating debate and action in all locations and at all times. The opportunity cannot be wasted.

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New Citizenship

Enna Democratica-Young Democrats

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