The Palermo cameramen who died in Madrid in 2013, new elements in the Prosecutor’s Office

New elements emerge on the death of Mario Biondo, the Palermo cameraman found lifeless in his home in Madrid in 2013. The case, initially filed as suicide, has been brought by the Public Prosecutor of Palermo for further investigation. The news comes from the work of Emme Team, a group of Italian-American legal and paralegal consultants that deals with unsolved cases, tasked with carrying out defensive investigations on behalf of the victim’s family. The results of the investigation were filed with the Attorney General who brought the case forward. Among other things, it would emerge that Biondo, contrary to what has been discovered so far, at the time of his death he was not alone at home and that someone used his credit card in a nightclub in Madrid, not far from his home, between 2 am. : 08 and 2:53 in the morning.

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