The Palermitan devastated by fires, vegetation on fire and relentless interventions

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Thanks to the strong heat, fires are on the rise in Sicily.
Particularly affected the Palermo, where the interventions of firefighters, Civil Protection and Forestry are numerous.

These are difficult hours in Palermo, where they have occurred in the past few hours several fires in multiple areas.
In particular, between yesterday and this morning, the fires affected the mountain areas of Misilmeri And Belmonte Mezzano and also the territory of Mezzojuso.

Fortunately, there is currently no harm to people and, in most cases, it is fires of vegetation and brushwood.

However, Civil protection, Forest And fire fighters of the province of Palermo keep the attention high and are in action, also with the support of Canadair and the police, to put out the flames.

The fires in Palermo, Canadair in Misilmeri

Last night an aerial intervention was necessary due to a fire in Contrada Stoppa to Misilmeri.
The flames that broke out on the promontory, in fact, would have reached the top of the massif making it difficult to proceed by land.

In the past few hours, photos and gods have been released video of what happened and of the shutdown operations.
On site, in addition to the fire fightersthe operators of the Civil protection.

The interventions continue between red alert and heat

Today the situation does not seem to have changed much from the previous 48 hours.
The strong heat and the heat, strengthened by the passage ofAfrican anticyclone “Charon”, make vegetation fires more frequent.
To these, then, are added the fires caused by arsonistsa plague that has continued to exist in Sicily for some time.

Between Sunday and yesterday, he was there in the province of Palermo red alert for the risk of fires.
Today the focus is instead on the provinces of Syracuse, Ragusa and Catania, which are at high risk on the fires front.

Image and video source: Facebook – Andrea Rizzo

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