the owners of 4 construction companies reported

Editorial staff 29 September 2021 08:35

Share Too many white deaths in the workplace. The number of cases, significantly increasing in the last period, has induced the carabinieri of the Palermo Labor Inspectorate nucleus (Agrigento detachment), with the support of the soldiers of the Licata company, to carry out a series of checks on job safety against various construction companies and companies located in some centers of the province. The first intervention in Naro , where the legal representative of a construction company was denounced on the loose because he was held responsible for various violations. In particular due to the lack of health surveillance in the laboratories, due to the failure to deliver the personal protective equipment necessary to avoid contagion from Covid 19, due to the lack of protections relating to electrical risk, due to the absence of suitable protective structures for the openings towards the void and finally for a scaffolding not assembled in a workmanlike manner. Same fate for the owner of another construction company operating in Santo Stefano Quisquina : in this case the complaint was triggered due to the lack of electrical risk assessment on site. And again in Licata where the owner of another company was denounced for the lack of viability of the construction site and the absence of suitable protective structures against accidental falls into the void. Another intervention also in Licata, where the complaint was triggered due to the omitted surveillance in health laboratories and the lack of personal protective equipment to contain the Covid-19 epidemic The inspection activity involved a total of 6 companies. Here are the numbers of the operation: check the positions of 11 workers, two of which were illegal and 7 irregular. Administrative fines for a total of 34 thousand euros have been challenged and fines have been imposed for more than 111 thousand euros. A provision was also adopted for the suspension of the activity due to the presence of one illegal worker out of two present.

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