The other agenda of Borsellino’s daughter Lucia: “Never been the subject of investigations”

The daughter of Judge Paolo Borsellino, Lucia Borsellino, has delivered a brown agenda containing important phone numbers to the parliamentary anti-mafia commission. The agenda, which was kept for 30 years, contains contact details of close associates of her father, including many magistrates and family members. Lucia also expressed her certainty that her father had his red agenda with him on the day of the attack, which mysteriously disappeared. The disappearance of the agenda and subsequent attempts to mislead the investigation, including a false witness, have raised suspicions of a cover-up. The lawyer representing the Borsellino family emphasized the importance of the investigation into mafia contracts, as it may hold the key to understanding the motive behind the attack. The commission thanked Lucia for her courage in sharing the agenda and pledged to seek the truth about the bombings.

L’altra agenda di Borsellino, la figlia Lucia: «Mai stata oggetto di indagini»

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