The open letter to the Free Consortium of Agrigento by Angelo Principato

The writer Angelo Principato, a citizen of Agrigento, applauds the Free Municipal Consortium of Agrigento (formerly the regional province) for the sensitivity shown also following the reports received to the same body and to the table set up in the prefecture together with Don Mario Sorce of the Social Pastoral Office of the diocese, Doctor Pezzino, the Minister for Infrastructures Giancarlo Cancelleri, the manager Anas learned Valerio Mele, the secretaries of Cgil Alfonso Buscemi, CISL Emmanuele Piranio and Gero Purchase of UIL, to take stock of the works relating to road connections and the progress of the contracted and contracted construction sites.

The writer announces that all this was the result of numerous meetings with the prefect of the time of Agrigento, Dario Caputo, from November 2018 to March of the following year and that on March 21, 2019 he had met and delivered to the prefect an open letter accompanied by graphic drawings, in which the resolutions of some critical issues on the extra-urban road network of the area near the city of Agrigento were explained. During these meetings with the prefect the writer had also had the opportunity to illustrate the hypotheses I put forward. At the beginning of 2020 there was also a protest march, promoted by the Social Cartel, formed by the Social Pastoral of the diocese of Agrigento, and by the three trade unions CGIL, CISL and UIL, with the participation of Cardinal Francesco Montenegro, of the 43 mayors of Agrigento, associations and organizations.

The execution of the works indicated in object will allow to have an alternative viability to the SS 115 and to proceed with the consolidation of the Re viaduct, near P. Empedocle, work that would have created discomfort for the population in the absence of a valid alternative infrastructure. The writer remains available to offer his collaboration to local institutions to improve the livability of the area.