The Open Arms moves away from Porto Empedocle, the NGO: “Towards Palermo awaiting instructions”

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The Open Arms ship, which in the past few days has rescued 278 migrants at sea, is headed for Palermo, after the evacuation of two pregnant women and the husband of one of them on board an Italian patrol boat was completed during the night. The NGO ship was about 6 miles off the coast of Porto Empedocle tonight when the transshipment of women who needed to be taken to hospital was carried out.

Open Arms, medical evacuation for pregnant women: 10 migrants throw themselves into the sea

“A few days ago – the Spanish NGO said – moments of tension on the Open Arms after Malta’s negative response to grant shelter for the storm. Some people jumped into the water in desperation, but were recovered along with the Italian coast guard. We head towards Palermo waiting for instructions ”.

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