The old vinegar, the walk on the steps of Giovanna Bonanno and the poisoned water


Event location: Piazza della Memoria Via Giovan Battista Pagano

Event date: From 08/11/2019 to 08/11/2019

Event cost: free Tacus members | 5 euros not registered

An old hag, an excellent poison and a long trail of death in an ancient Palermo, with dark and treacherous colors. On Sunday 11th August the Tacus Arte Integrazione Cultura social promotion association proposes “The old vinegar. Giovanna Bonanno and the poisoned water ", the walk told historical-literary centered on the figure of Giovanna Bonanno, known to the general public as Vecchia dell'Aceto and told by Luigi Natoli in one of his most read novels. In the intricate tangle of the alleys of the historical center the story of one of the most characteristic characters of the Palermo folklore is consumed.

The gathering of the participants is set at 8.45 pm Piazza della Memoria (the monument dedicated to the memory of the judges killed by the mafia, behind the Court | via Giovan Battista Pagano, 32). The tour, free for Tacus members, includes a contribution of € 5 for non-members. For organizational reasons, participation in the initiative is valid only upon mandatory booking.

The walks told by Tacus are an operation to enhance and promote the historical, cultural and intangible heritage. "The Old Vinegar and Poisonous Water" is an original path created by Tacus Arte Integrazione Cultura in 2015 and re-proposed enriched with new contents.

The tour is a traveling story and is not intended as a guided tour. The itinerary does not include admissions and will take place entirely outside. Membership of the event is valid only upon reservation to be made by telephone. In case of anomalies and / or unforeseen events the staff reserves the right to cancel / postpone the event. Changes and possible changes will be promptly communicated to all participants.

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