The number of vaccinations in Sicily drops: AstraZeneca – Ragusa refused

The number of vaccinations in Sicily, including the province of Ragusa, is decreasing. The goal of 50,000 inoculations per day set by the commissioner for the national emergency Francesco Paolo Figluolo is moving away. In Sicily, in contrast to the national figure, vaccinations in the Easter week fell from 20,000 to 15,000 a day and this brings out a snaking fear of vaccines, in particular AstraZeneca, especially among school staff and 70-year-olds. The doses of the Anglo-Swedish house arrived in recent days are over 105,000 but the citizens who give up in the 8 Sicilian vaccination centers are growing.

The news that bounces around Europe after the Netherlands decided to block vaccinations with the Oxford serum doses, perhaps until tomorrow, awaiting new evaluations due to some suspicious deaths perhaps caused by the vaccine and which led to several cases of cerebral thrombosis. On Wednesday another 100,000 doses of Pfizer should arrive on the island and it is hoped that the supply will allow bookings for over 80s and fragile people to be restarted at full capacity on 8 April. left without the possibility of undergoing vaccination.

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