The non-event in Trapani. Surprisingly, Tranchida comes up …

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Eventually he showed up too.
In fact, there was also the Mayor of Trapani, Giacomo Tranchida, at the “non-event” organized on Saturday evening, at the Tramontana Walls, from the satirical page Memesuddu.

It all stems from a declaration by the mayor, who said that in Trapani there is no summer billboard for events, because “there is a great event: the sea”.

Here the article.

Tranchida’s thought aroused a lot of irony, and Memesuddu’s group took the opportunity to organize a “non-event”: an evening contemplating the sea, since the sea is the only protagonist of the Trapani summer.

At a certain point, Tranchida also arrived, smart as always in capturing possible moments of criticism and transforming them into a showcase.

And so, in the communiqué of the mayor, it almost seems that the “non-event” was his idea …
and he speaks of “the starting point for realizing beautiful initiatives together”.

Writes the note of the Municipality: “The Mayor Tranchida wanted to hear directly from the voice of the boys what their observations were (but also the proposals …
but feasible) regarding the Trapani summer season, taking inspiration to kick off a collaboration reciprocal in order to carry out shared initiatives already in the coming weeks, to supplement the events already scheduled for September, both from the July Musicale of Trapani and from the Department of Culture.
Pietrafitta, the parties have agreed to re-update on Monday 22 August at a meeting aimed at fine-tuning some events that will take place in the first days of September “.

“I am happy to have been able to converse with young people of value, not willing to turn away but to get busy organizing events – says Mayor Tranchida -.
I thank Silvestro Bonaventura for the idea and I am sure that already from next August 22nd, thanks to the common commitment and with the logistical support of the Musical July, something beautiful will come out ».

The reconstruction of the organizers is different: “Of course it is nice to see the administration available, I did not expect the mayor to really come with the leaders of the Luglio Musicale Trapanese, even if it was immediately clear that the money available would be very little to understand.
concretely what can be done.
However Memesuddu does not organize events I just lack the bases from which to start.
August started.
This must be clear.
The idea of ​​the non-event was born to introduce the theme for the next electoral campaign.
If something can be done first, better, but let’s see …

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2022-08-09 06:00:00

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