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The nightmare of layoffs is back, former Almaviva employees strike in the Prefecture (VIDEO)

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The future of 543 families is at risk.
The voices of the protest

The future of 543 employees formerly Almaviva is at risk again.
The workers’ unions have organized a sit-in at the Prefecture of Palermo to rekindle the lights on the well-known dispute related to the call center services which passed under the wing of Ita.
A story that seemed closed after the commercial agreement signed at the Ministry, with all the social partners present.
But, for reasons still unknown, the agreement was broken, putting the professional life of the employees back into play.

Former Almaviva employees strike in the Prefecture

To organize the demonstration the trade unions Cgil-Slc, Fistel Cisl, Uilcom Uil and Ugl.
To describe what happened is Stefania Ducarepresentative of CSU Covisian Fistel Cisl.
“In August, the announcement that we former Almaviva employees would be put on layoffs came like a thunder from the blue.
This is because Covisian had won the Ita customer care contract.
We fought.
We have lost a lot both in economic terms and in sanity.
We managed to strike an agreement that would have protected all employees, across four brackets ”.

Commercial agreement

Understanding, however, skipped a few days ago, when the company announced that from 1 May the transition to layoffs for employees would begin.
“After six months, we don’t know who but, on March 31, we received a pec in which Covisian informed us that the commercial agreement signed with Ita was no longer going well.
So from 1 May the order would no longer be present on Covisian.
This is unacceptable.
We are not a toy that you no longer like and after six months you throw it away.

“543 families await answers”

Thus, the future of 543 families is once again at risk and with it the hope of economic and employment stability.
“To date we have no official news.
We are 543 families who no longer have a transitional job.
Because we have made it our job with which we carry on our families.
This precarious situation must end.
We need economic peace of mind ”.