The new scam of It-Alert on mobiles: passwords and privacy still at risk.

A new scam is causing alarm in Italy, particularly in Sicily, regarding the IT-alert system that the country will implement starting from February 2024. This system will allow the dissemination of public alerts to mobile devices of individuals in areas affected by severe emergencies or imminent or ongoing disasters. However, hackers have already found a way to scam citizens in relation to this system. Some Android users may receive a text via SMS or email stating that due to a potential volcanic eruption, a national earthquake could occur and they should download an app to monitor if their region will be affected. This message is false and aims to spread a virus called “SpyNote” through a malicious file called “IT-Alert.apk”. The malware’s main objective is to steal sensitive data, such as banking information, from users. The authorities are investigating this scam and have alerted citizens to not fall into this trap.

La nuova truffa dell’It-Alert sui cellulari: password e privacy ancora a rischio

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