The “new” fountain of the Malavoglia in piazza Verga was presented to the city

Editorial team 04 September 2021 11:27

After more than a year of work, the water jets of the Mendola sculptural group started working again, which regained its original color, with a combined effect between the intersections of the base, completely redone, producing the scenographic effect that for forty years represented one of the postcards of Catania. An event greeted by a long applause from those present who had also appreciated the light musical accompaniment on the notes of Mozart by the Duprè quartet of the Vincenzo Bellini musical institute, to the short reading by the actor Angelo Tosto of the Etna Stable of a piece taken from the tenth chapter from “I Malavoglia”, in which the event of the sinking of the boat of the Trezzoti fishermen is narrated. “After more than a decade Catania rediscovers one of its symbols, the magnificent Malavoglia fountain built and installed in the 70s in the large square that recalls one of our eldest children in our Catania. We return it to the people of Catania and tourists completely restored thanks to a painstaking work of workers from the executing company and the Municipality, who carried out a recovery action that proved to be much more complex than expected. So much so that we had to intervene to increase the funds allocated for participatory democracy and the partnership of the St , to complete the work of the sculptor our fellow citizen Carmelo Mendola. “This is what Mayor Salvo Pogliese declared during the ceremony last night. Several institutional representatives were present, including the prefect Maria Carmela Librizzi and the president of the Court Francesco Saverio Mannino , the leaders of the police and local police, city councilors, headed by the president Giuseppe Castiglione, district councilors, including the president of the III Municipality, Paolo Ferrara. “It is an important day for Catania – the mayor explained again – also because we are completing the virtuous path of participatory democracy started in 2017, to create a work that the citizens had shown they wanted and that we have resumed in our settlement, despite not having reached first place in the consultation. This day also marks the symbolic start of Verga’s celebrations, given that next year will be the centenary of the death of the great realist writer celebrated all over the world and that we will remember, for what our illustrious fellow citizen deserves ”. Mayor Salvo Pogliese also held a thank you conversation with Ileana Mendola, ninety-year-old daughter of the sculptor Carmelo, who died in 1976, just a few months after the installation of the Verga monument, a work that had taken almost twenty years to build. . The mayor also underlined that seven cameras are about to be installed in Piazza Verga to aid security and public order, but also to protect the urban decor, as part of a national plan of almost 250 cameras, a circuit put in network to cover the vision of a large part of the territory and some of which already function. For his part, the prefect Librizzi recalled the symbolic value of lighting the fountain on the day of the massacre of Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, one of the leading interpreters of the fight against legality, prefect of Palermo barbarously murdered together with his wife and agent of escort on 3 September 1982.

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