The new course of the Akragas starts well: 5 to 0 at Kamarat


Good performance and victory for the 2nd Memorial Vincenzo Mangiapane for the Akragas that this afternoon in Cammarata beat the hosts 5 to 0.

All the players played at the disposal of Mr. Corrado Mutolo, who from today's match, waiting for the completion of the squad (he expects the official engagement of Peppe Gambino), has drawn useful indications.

This is the initial formation deployed by Corrado Mutolo: D'Angelo, Treppiedi, Castaldo, Biancola, Biondo, Lala, Cipolla, Mannina, Faulisi, Caronia, Santangelo.

First goal at the end of the first half with Biondo. Then, in the second half Cipolla (twice), Ruggeri and Santangelo bomber.

He did not demerit the May formation that appeared a little late with the preparation.

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