The “new” Asp and the Municipality of Messina save Don Orione

Now we can safely say that Don Orione will have a future. Even if in extremis and at the end of a tiramolla between Asp and the Municipality of Messina, she came to the certainty that there will be financial coverage so that the structure of Viale San Martino can continue to guarantee its over ten-year assistance h24 to about forty people with severe and very serious disability.

At the end of this month the last memorandum of understanding signed in 2018 between the Municipality of Messina and the ASP for the shared management of the costs of this residential socio-rehabilitation center in which the operators of the social cooperative “Faro ’85 work” will expire. “. «The Mayor Cateno De Luca, as early as January – says the councilor for Social Policies Alessandra Calafiore – had asked the ASP for a meeting for the renewal of the protocol concerning the management of the“ Don Orione ”. Following a further reminder made by us in the current month to call a meeting, the company director Paolo La Paglia communicated to us the refusal to renew the agreement as, following the evaluations carried out, the conditions did not exist. to ensure, in the coming years, the all-inclusive economic contribution provided for in the memorandum of understanding signed with the Municipality of Messina on March 30, 2018. But yesterday, instead, we received – says Councilor Alessandra Calafiore – a note from Bernardo Alagna, ‘current acting general manager of the ASP, following which he not only confirmed the legislation concerning the management of residential structures, which provides for the competence of the ASP almost exclusively, but also gave his availability to a meeting in short times to define the new protocol “.

In short, in a few weeks the future of Don Orione was upset, destined for the director La Paglia to find new ways of financing or to reduce its users, and now, instead, “defended” by Bernardo Alagna, health director and now also general in awaiting developments on La Paglia’s suspension from office. Alagna writes yesterday of a real correction of the previous communication of the Asp. The one in which La Paglia, on February 17, the day before the notification of the suspension and the same as the start of the forfeiture procedure, writes that he cannot follow up the protocol because the Company is obliged to comply with cost containment measures and the budget was heavily burdened by pandemic-related burdens. The ASP would have guaranteed the health management and the supply of drugs, aids and aids. Eight days later, however, the “new” Asp is ready for a new protocol “complying with the obligations arising from the previous agreements”. Last year the Municipality participated in the expenses of Don Orione for 1.2 million euros, the ASP for 350,000.

A commitment also in the VII commission

The delicate affair was discussed yesterday during the VII council commission. «The“ Don Orione ”residential socio-rehabilitation center – highlighted the president Dino Bramanti – is a city reality that since 2001 has been involved in assisting around forty people with serious and very serious disabilities 24 hours a day. It is therefore necessary to guarantee its continuity for the very important task carried out in favor of the community. During the Covid 19 emergency, many fragilities of these residential structures emerged at a national level. 84% of those who died from COVID-19 – recalled Bramanti – are 70 years old or more; the average age of the victims is 79 years. 61% had 3 or more pathologies. pre-existing.

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