The neighbors saw it all


“Some neighbors witnessed the scene from the window of the house which was a real corridor on the murder scene, after hearing them we went directly to Lalomia’s house who had just parked the car so that the engine was still warm”.

The director of the Canicattì police station, Francesco Sammartino, is the first witness heard in the courtroom, before the Assize Court chaired by Alfonso Malato, at the trial against the tobacconist Luigi Lalomia, 75 years old accused of killing Mario Vincenzo Lauricella, a 60-year-old mechanic of Canicattì, beaten and hit with a van as part of a dispute related to the future marriage of their children.

Lalomia, in particular, before the murder would have tried to prevent the wedding with insults and threats.
Lalomia is also accused of the attempted murder of her future daughter-in-law who would have been saved by a heroic gesture of her father who, seeing the car crash into her, would have pushed her away, preventing her from being crushed against a wall.

“It was Lauricella’s daughter who raised the alarm by calling an ambulance – added Sammartino, responding to the prosecutor Paola Vetro and the defendant’s defender, the lawyer Calogeri Meli -, immediately after we intervened on the place where there was state of the investment “.
The police then questioned Lalomia (who will be arrested at a later time by order of the investigating judge) who, after an illness, tries to defend herself and overturn the version of events.

“He told us that he had been attacked and beaten, he had a wounded hand.” The hearing was adjourned to July 15.

Sicilian news 2022-07-01 19:38:00

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