The Nebrodi are preparing for winter: 12 snow plows are on the way

Twelve 4wd Pick-up trucks with snow plow and salt spreader to face the winter. This is how the municipalities in the Nebrodi Park area prepare for the coldest season of the year. To purchase the means will be the Regional Department of Civil Protection thanks to the use of resources allocated to unitary and cohesion policy programmes.

It was the Parco dei Nebrodi body itself that identified the Municipalities that would have had the right to participate in the distribution of the machinery, which, taking into account the requirement of territorial necessity, chose the administrations: the mayors, however, had to make declarations in the which undertake to correctly manage the vehicles provided and render an efficient service against the expenditure incurred by the Nebrodi park, amounting to almost 52 thousand euros.

These are the municipalities chosen by the institution: Alcara Li Fusi, to which the municipality of Militello Rosmarino has been merged; Capizzi, to which the municipality of Caronia was merged; Cesarò, to which the municipality of San Teodoro was merged; Floresta, to which the Municipality of Santa Domenica di Vittoria has been merged; Galati Mamertino, to which the municipality of Longi was aggregated; maniac; Mistretta; Raccuja, to which Ucria was merged; St. Brother; San Marco d’Alunzio and Tortorici.

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