The National Under 18 in the final at the World Cup with the coach Nino Gagliardi

Le Azzurrine Under 18 of Marco Mencarelli , assisted on the bench by the coach of Akademia Sant’Anna , Nino Gagliardi , they are amazing the whole planet. After scrambling Romania, they did not even let the United States escape in the semifinals and now they will play for the gold medal with Russia. The World Cup in Mexico is reserving great satisfactions and the Italians have proven to be the most fit team.

The 3-0 to the USA ( 25-23, 25-18, 25-22 ) is yet another demonstration of how much Italy believes in the title: the match was one-way, with the Americans who tried desperately to recover the lost points, but in vain. In the other semifinal, Russia overwhelmed Serbia with another 3-0 , so there is great curiosity in witnessing a final that promises to be as balanced as ever. For sure coach Gagliardi will return to Sicily with the batteries more than charged, ready to drag Akademia into the complicated group F of the Serie B1 . On October 17 there will be the away debut in Cutrofiano , while a week later it will be the turn of the home debut, the first derby of the season against Catania . Certainly, the victories with the Under 18 national team did not make the coach less hungry for success.

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