The narcotic substance was sold from the windows, 4 arrests in Terme Vigliatore

The soldiers of the Company of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto and of the Terme Vigliatore Station, with the help of the canine units of the Catania Nucleus, carried out a precautionary custody order against 4 people from Terme Vigliatore (Me) , already known to the police, aged between 28 and 47, held responsible for the illegal possession and retail sale of substances prohibited in the competition. The operation was carried out at the end of a specific investigative activity, called “Take Away”, initiated by the Carabinieri Station of Terme Vigliatore and conducted with the support of the Carabinieri of the Barcelona Company. The name of the investigation, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto, derives from the ways in which the suspects delivered the drug to the users; in fact, the arrested sections would have implemented a drug marketing system which provided for the sale to users of drug doses through the windows of their apartment and the delivery, promptly afterwards, of the corresponding sum of money to the next door.
This method was adopted to speed up the exchange of narcotic substances and thus elude the checks by the police. The arrested parties are held responsible for having specifically dealt with the retail sale of marijuana and hashish, managing, in an entire day, to sell over 50 doses for an average price of 12 euros per gram of prohibited substance. The group of consumers is also very young, from the youngest aged 16 to the oldest aged 35.