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CATANIA – By delegation of the Public Prosecutor of Catania, i carabinieri of the Catania Piazza Dante company, supported by the specialized departments of the Arma (Operational Intervention Company of the XII “Sicily” Regiment and Nucleo Cinofili), have executed a precautionary custody order issued by the judge for the preliminary investigations of the Court of Catania against four people under investigation, for various reasons, of the crime of detention for the purpose of drug dealing.

The investigation, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor of the Etna Republic and conducted by the Operational Unit of the aforementioned Carabinieri company, originates from the discovery of the corpse of the fisherman from Catania GS, 57 years old, which took place last February 20, 2021, when at 06.37 am the presence of a lifeless body lying on his back in the courtyard in front of a public housing building located in via Toledo 51.

Having made the rescue useless, the carabinieri intervened immediately on the spot, after identifying the body, inspecting his mobile phone and examining all possible witnesses as well as the inhabitants of the building in question, focused and directed the investigative activity on a possible drug trafficking right inside the building where the victim, in the early hours of that morning, probably went to buy cocaine, of which he would have become addicted for some time.

This investigative hypothesis, according to the investigators, would have been confirmed both by the analysis of the video surveillance cameras present in the area, and by the outcome of the autopsy examination on the corpse from which it emerged that the death of the man was due to a myocardial infarction complicated by a rupture of the heart following an acute cocaine intoxication in a habitual user.

The soldiers of the Operational Unit of Piazza Dante therefore undertook a series of technical activities (telephone and environmental wiretapping) which made it possible to reveal how inside the house located on the third floor of the building in via Toledo 51, in use Giuseppe Cannone, 53 years old already known to the police for specific precedents, there was a real family-run shop, directed by the same Cannone making use of the close collaboration of his partner Alfia Litrico, 42, of her sister-in-law Adriana Litrico, 28, and her husband Alfio DUnknown Relatives, 31 years old.

The investigative activity allowed not only to reconstruct the last hours of life of the fisherman who, at the end of a night of work at sea, had decided to buy cocaine from the Cannone family and to take it immediately, before returning home, subjecting the heart, already affected by other pathologies connected with his addiction, to a degree of irreversible toxicity and such as to cause a fulminant cardiac arrest that hit him a few meters from the building, but also to bring out the flourishing and structured business of drug dealing, mainly crack and cocaine, in which each of today’s recipients of precautionary measures had a well-defined role.

In particular – according to the investigators – Giuseppe Cannone, in addition to making his home available, would direct the operations, the packaging and the sale of the drug, receiving the orders and often giving it himself; Alfio D’Ignoti Parenti, would have followed the instructions of his brother-in-law, mainly dealing with retail sales even during the night; while the sisters Alfia and Adriana Litrico, would have actively participated in the criminal project of the companions, preparing daily the doses of narcotic destined for sale as well as keeping the accounts of the proceeds of the illicit activity.

There have been numerous episodes of drug dealing documented by the military from which it emerged that, in the days immediately following his death, the illicit activity of the Cannone family had not stopped but had only given rise to the decision in the suspects to avoid the indiscriminate sale of drugs to unknown buyers who continued to show up outside their door (as in the case of the GS victim), and therefore to favor the sale of larger quantities of drugs exclusively to trusted buyers.

Cannone and D’Ignoti Parenti were subjected to the precautionary measure in prison, while the women were placed under house arrest.

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