the names for Lagalla’s team

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The first names of the eligible candidates.
With some surprises.


The ‘pasionaria’, the urban planner and prof.
Here are some of the characters hypothetically attributable to the team of the lagallabili, that is, the members of the mayor’s council Roberto Lagalla who took office, according to the pragmatic ceremony, at Palazzo delle Aquile.
The new tenant of the building in Piazza Pretoria must hurry, to point out two discontinuities.
The first: with the last five years of drowsiness that produced the collapse of Palermo.
The second: with the tiring political rituals of the center-right, the coalition accustomed to dwell on interminable discussions and skirmish.

That is why there is every interest in accelerating, of course, with the variable of the many interlocutors.
Mayor Lagalla said it outright: “I will be immediately working with the organizational machine of the Municipality to plan”.
The undertaking to heal Palermo will be “neither short nor easy”.
Precisely for this reason it is necessary not to waste time.
Passable football metaphor.
The mayor is the coach-player, the council is, in fact, the team.
Knowing who will take the field can be a reason for joy or discouragement.
Yes, but who will take the field? The variables are many.
A ‘very high profile’ coach will go to the balance sheet.
Who else could put their hand to the very complicated accounts of the Municipality? Francesco Cascio he should be deputy mayor.
A place will probably be the prerogative of the party colleague, Andrea Mineo. And let’s go back to the ‘pasionaria’, the urban planner and the professor.

The pasionaria is Rosi Pennino, a force worker with a previous militancy on the left, in the heart of Gianfranco Miccichè, champion of the rights of the most vulnerable and of families facing the battle of autism.
She was not elected, by a whisker, to the city council.
But you could land at the Department of Social Policies.
The town planner is Maurizio Carta, professor, author, technical profile, with an important curriculum, to which Urban Planning would go, ca va sans dire.
At Public Works there may be an opportunity for the professor and engineer Luigi Palizzolo, candidate with the UDC, another leading figure in his professional field.

Are they to be considered safe? Not at all.
We should have learned that politics is the symbol of the winding roads that twist, leading to unpredictable outcomes.
Professors Carta and Palizzolo would, however, demonstrate an assumption that, perhaps, will be able to find other confirmations.
Those who are preparing for a long journey generally choose travel companions from his former world, whom he trusts and who resemble him.
It would not be strange for a university professor and former rector to call other university professors to arms (bloodless) of the administration.
Culture and competence are cards to be played in the chaos of Palermo.
After that, Santa Rosalia would remain.
(Roberto Puglisi)

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