The Mythos Troina Festival returns from 8 to 29 July

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After the success of 2019 and the end of the pandemic emergency, it returns to the scene this year “Mythos Troina Festival”, the 2nd theatrical review on the classical and contemporary myth that the Municipality of Troinawith the patronage ofNational Institute of Ancient Drama (INDA)organizes in the city from8 to 29 July next.

“Thanks to the prestigious collaboration with the National Institute of Ancient Drama – declares the mayor Fabio Venezia -, Troina, an ancient Hellenistic city, confirms itself more and more as a pole of attraction for the classical culture of internal Sicily, staging, in an evocative open-air theater, some of the most significant classical representations “.

The festival focused on the myth, which aims to reconcile its classic vision with its modern and contemporary rewritings, thanks to the availability of the Oasi Maria Santissima, in fact, it will take place in the natural setting of the Clearing of the Christ the Redeemer Villagewhere 4 performances taken from the immortal masterpieces of the history of ancient Greek theater will be staged:

Friday 8 July “Aice”from Sophocles, directed by Massimo Di Michele, produced by the Academy of Art of Ancient Drama in Syracuse; – Friday 15 July “Persephone”, from Ghiannis Ritsos and textual transits from Homer, Cicero, Diodorus Siculus, Ovid and Claudian.
With Elisa Di Dio, directed by Filippa Ilardo, produced by Compagnia dell’Arpa; – Wednesday 20 July “Of sand and sea”, Le favole di Apuleio, show in five paintings directed and narrated by Manuel Giliberti and the collaboration of Margherita Rubino and Caterina Mordeglia; – Friday 29 July “Medea”from Euripidesmonologue by director Alessio Pizzech, text by Gotter, music by Benda, with Clara Galante and Cinzia Pennesi.

“We strongly wanted to resume this prestigious theatrical review on the myth – explains the councilor for tourism and cultural activities Stefano Giambirtone – and we decided to provide a subscription with a very affordable price, precisely to open up to everyone and start again with and thanks to culture, an essential tool for human growth, but above all we wanted to do it by providing free subscriptions for young people under 30, with the aim precisely to make the younger generations known and approached as much as possible to theater and to that of the classical myth in particular, which has always offered the possibility of being able to experience formative and stimulating emotions “.

In fact, a limited free subscription is foreseen for all young people under 30 who expressly request it through a special form that can be downloaded from the institution’s website, which must be completed and delivered together with the identity document.
The cost of the subscription is instead of 25 euros for all those who want to attend the entire theater review and 10 euros for each single show.
Free admission for the disabled.
Subscription by reservation and single ticket can also be purchased on site, at the dedicated box office, one hour before the start of each show.
For information and reservations you can consult: the Facebook page “Enjoy Troina” and the tourist page of the Municipality of Troina; the “Cooltural-mente” association, which can be contacted either by phone or via wthasapp at +39 331 4675 445; the Robert Capa Museum of Photography, during opening hours (every day, except Mondays, from 10am to 1pm and from 5pm to 8pm).

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