The "mystery" of Gessica Lattuca, the former partner in Quarto Grado: "It was seen in Piazza Cavour"


"Gessica was seen at midnight, in Piazza Cavour, with a man on a motorcycle". This was said by Filippo Russotto, the former partner of Gessica Lattuca, who returned to Fourth Degree and revealed, according to him, a detail of the disappearance – on 12 August 2018 – of the 27-year-old mother of 4 children. Russotto, on all the rage, there is not yet to be the only suspect for the disappearance of his former woman.

"Who is this 'little boy'? They (investigators and investigators ed.), Know it. But they don't say – Russotto bursts into the microphones of Fourth Degree -. I'm angry because I don't see anything done to find my ex-partner. I'm still under investigation, why? I didn't do anything, go look for Gessica ”. According to the version provided by the Rete 4 television program from Russotto, Gessica Lattuca was allegedly seen three hours later, in Piazza Cavour, compared to the last sighting that was originally reported. "I don't know if it went up or down from the scooter, but they saw it with this person and they know it. Someone in Favara knows the truth. There are witnesses! "- repeated Russotto several times -.

Fourth Degree, not excluding that it could also be an attempt at misdirection, he tried to verify the stories of Filippo Russotto by going to some places in Piazza Cavour which, at that time (midnight of 12 August 2018), had to be opened. The reporter only got negative answers. None of the interviewees saw Gessica.

"Go look for the mother of my children – concluded Russotto -. All so ficiru ni 'mia, mi vuntaru i terri, mi vuntaru the cases (refers to the searches suffered ed.). I told him: go look elsewhere. I did nothing! Go and look. "

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