The mystery of Daouda’s disappearance, a sit-in in Vittoria to ask for the truth

«Tonight (January 2), we will be in Piazza del Popolo, in Vittoria, to remember the two young men from Vittoria who were killed 24 years ago in the so-called «San Basilio massacre». The killing by the mafia of Salvatore Ottone and Rosario Salerno, still today, after so many years, constitutes a deep wound for the community that calls each of us to a constant commitment aimed at building a more just and supportive society, which exclude no one. And it is precisely this commitment that leads us, on the same occasion, to turn our attention to the story of the young Ivorian Daouda Diane, who mysteriously disappeared six months ago in Acate.

For the young Daouda, in tonight’s sit-in, we will continue to ask for the truth from all those who know something about it and who have not yet had the opportunity (the courage) to speak”. In particular, the scouts of the Agesci group of Modica will give voice to this appeal through their letter» says a note from the provincial coordination of Libera Ragusa. “Any word on the disappearance of Daouda Diane is superfluous and out of place. – say the scouts – Through these lines we feel only that we can offer our most heartfelt apologies on behalf of all humanity. We apologize because we are all citizens of the world, because the struggle of a few is the hope for the future of all. Dear Daouda, sorry for leaving you alone, for not supporting you in time».

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