The murder in Piazza Armerina "my father used to beat me"


Carlo Lo Monaco, the young man of 30 who stabbed his father, Armando Lo Monaco, 53, yesterday in a butcher's shop in Piazza Armerina, was interrogated this morning in prison by the prosecutor's office of Enna Salvatore Interlandi. The man, who had been arrested in his home by the police immediately after the crime, which also occurred in the presence of his sister, Elide, 21 years old, answered all the questions of the PM reiterating that he was beaten by his father when he was a teenager. Tomorrow there will be a hearing to validate the arrest before the magistrate. Lawyer Lorenzo Caruso, who in the past had also assisted Lo Monaco arrested for acts of violence and resistance to a public official, stressed that his client had been subjected to Tso because of his mental condition. Meanwhile, it was confirmed that Armando Lo Monaco had been convicted in the past of ill-treatment …

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