the Municipality signs an agreement in support of adoptions and parenthood

A Memorandum of Understanding between the Municipality of Paceco and the European association Hands For Adoptions Onlus based in Rome, was signed for the purpose of «To realize a mutual collaboration that favors interventions on the territory in support of the culture of adoption and parenting, through the activities listed below».

It is reported in Article 1 of the document that was signed yesterday by the mayor of Paceco, Giuseppe Scarcella and by the president of the association, Paolo La Francesca, in the presence of the councilor Michele Ingardia, promoter of the agreement.

“In order to support the social issue of adoption, Article 2 reads, the Association and the Municipality mutually undertake to: to) to promote conferences and events on social issues throughout the territory; b) develop study and in-depth meetings on the protection of the rights of children and the family in matters of adoption; c) provide support activities, through targeted courses, for the families they intend to adopt, for the adoptive families and for the adopted people; d) to favor the insertion of adoptive children in the socio-cultural context in which they live; is) promote and protect responsible motherhood and fatherhood; f) develop any initiative, through participation in notices and / or tenders, which may allow to deepen and / or support the dissemination and promotional action on the subject of adoptions “.

“It is a range of social welfare services and training meetings that is extended to the community of Paceco, without any financial burden for the Municipality – underlines the mayor Scarcella – through a national non-profit association, chaired by one of our fellow citizens, who deals with national and international adoptions and follows adoptive families especially in the post-adoption phase ».

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