The Municipality of Messina adheres to the digital systems of PagoPa, Spid and the Io – Tempo Stretto app

Citizens will be able to make all payments to the institution online in a simple, fast and secure way

The Information Systems and Technological Innovation Service of the Municipality of Messina continues in the process of “transition” to the digital mode of its services, according to the indications of the Digital Administration Code and the three-year plan for IT in the Public Administration.

The Municipality, which has already been a member of PagoPA for some time, will gradually allow citizens to make all payments online, in a simple, fast and secure way, to the institution. PagoPA is the service that allows citizens to use PagoPA payment instruments such as credit cards, account debits and alternative payment systems, accepted by the Public Administration, Banks, Post Offices and other payment institutions (Payment service providers – PSP) adhering to the initiative.

In line with the regulatory deadlines of 28 February 2021, the Municipality has signed all the protocols and agreements with Agid and PagoPa spa necessary to start the transition to the use of the Spid and the Io app as the only point of access to digital services and to manage digital payments.

Consistent with the path started to join the national platforms for the provision of local services in a totally digital way, the Administration is now preparing to continue the integration activities of all collection services on PagoPa, with the activation of digital services on the Io app and finally completing the transition to Spid and electronic identity card as a unique tool for accessing the online functions of the Organization.

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