The Municipality of Acireale expresses solidarity with the wounded carabiniere

Editorial team 06 September 2021 10:46

The Mayor of Acireale Stefano Alì, the council, the president of the municipal council, Fabio Fontanesca, and the municipal councilors express feelings of closeness to the brave non-commissioned officer of the carabinieri who was seriously injured with a firearm in Santa Maria Ammalati last night. Despite being free from duty, he did not hesitate to provide help to colleagues who intervened to face a ferocious aggression in a public place and at a time of considerable crowding. “With his action – said the Mayor Alì – the wounded soldier confirmed the spirit of self-denial and the strong sense of duty that have always distinguished all members of the Carabinieri, towards whom the administration and municipal council extend the their solidarity, also addressing a thought to the relatives of the non-commissioned officer who distinguished himself for a profound act of generosity. At the same time – concluded the first Acese citizen – we cannot but stigmatize the violent episodes which, unfortunately, are recorded in our territories in an increasingly frequent way and denote a profound dehumanization, trampling the sense of respect for human life “.

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