The Multidisciplinary Oncology Group of Senology was established by the ASP of Enna


With a resolution issued by the Management of the ASP of Enna on 30 June 2021, the Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Group was established and the diagnostic and therapeutic pathway for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer was adopted.

Breast cancer – reads the document – it is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in women in Italy in all age groups and represents 29% of all cancer diagnoses … Thanks to screening and the increased awareness of women, most breast malignancies are diagnosed at an early stage when the surgical treatment can be more often conservative and the therapy adopted more effective allowing to obtain very high 5-year survival rates …

The lines of intervention contained in the Diagnostic-Therapeutic Pathway were drawn up by the members of the Multidisciplinary Oncology Group of Senology, consisting of Dr. Daniela Sambataro, director of Oncology of Umberto I of Enna, by the doctor of the Surgery Unit, Dr. Salvatore Rizza, by the head of the Operative Unit of Senology, Dr. Teresa Bizzini, by Dr. Carmela Emmanuele, Director of Anatomy and Histology, by dr. Ivano Vicari, head of the Rehabilitation Operational Unit of the Enna Hospital, and by Dr. Serena Castorina, medical director of Nuclear Medicine.

Following formal verification by dr. Pierfranco Mirabile, Head of Quality and Clinical Risk, the document was approved by the Health Director, Dr. Emanuele CassarĂ , and adopted by the Director General, Dr. Francesco Iudica, to be sent to the Health Department of the Sicilian Region. In the document drawn up by the Multidisciplinary Oncology Group, according to a clear matrix of responsibility for each level indicated, the activities, the organization, the process and outcome indicators in the evolution of the pathology of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the tumor pathology of the breast.

Again with the resolution of the Company Management, approved on 1 July 2021, the procedure for the supply of an additional three mammograms to be allocated to hospitals was initiated.

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