The MSC in Syracuse, but without excursions due to Covid. And the controversy mounts: “a missed opportunity”

The controversy mounts immediately after the docking of MSC Seaside at the Port of Syracuse. The reason is obvious: the Aretusean port, due to Covid, is for the moment only a passenger hub. There are no classic excursions and visits to the historic center but only a stop during which 70 passengers, who have finished their holiday, get off the boat and about a hundred embark to make a stop in Taranto, Civitavecchia, Malta and then again Syracuse. HERE the service from the port of Syracuse

“A sign of recovery and positivity – comments Alfredo Boccadifuoco, shipping agent – For the first time Syracuse becomes a base port in the sense that passengers will be able to disembark and embark ”.

Yet there is no shortage of long faces from the world of tourism. “It is absurd that, beyond the disembarkation activities, the 800 passengers on board cannot visit the city” – thunders Carlo Castello, president of the tourist guides association. HERE the interview with Castello

“These are Italian tourists, all subjected to swabs, who cannot go down and take an excursion to Ortigia because Sicily is in the orange zone – continues Castello – Credo that out of 800 people, at least half would have chosen to visit the city accompanied by a guide. For us, MSC Seaside, it is a missed opportunity ”.